My Bikes

My bikes.

BOB (Big Orange Bike) An orange DiamondBack Response with 24 gears, Topeak Rack, various and sundry other additions. This is my everyday bike and the one I ride 90% of the time. 26" wheels with schwable commuter tires. I love riding this bike and I know how much abuse I put this bike through. Rain, snow, and the daily beating of dragging my fat but around. This bike is a trooper.

Blue - Lager SE 700c single speed with Fixed/Free Flipflop hub. I bought this bike on a whim and so far have only ridden it around the school for laps. It is very fun to ride but alas I am still not strong enough to ride it up any but the gentlest of hills. I currently have it set up as a Fixed Gear and I find the experience to be interesting. i.e. not sure if I like it.

The Newest Member of the Family

I splurged on this one and got an All-City Macho Man Disc. I'll admit I picked it out because it was Orange but 6 feet into the first test ride I wanted to scream "Just take my Money!!!" This is one bike I would of really regretted not getting. I love the bike and I enjoy being part of the All-City Club. I now have a hard time riding my other bikes.


  1. Thanks for posting about BOB. As a buig guy myself (6'2" & 325#) I was doing online research trying to decide what bike to get, and your experiences became THE deciding recommendation. If you hadn't posted I never would have become the owner of a Diamondback Adult Response XE Mountain Bike 2012

  2. I think BOB bikes are looks good but if I try to ride on this bike, It's too much hard for me. Because I'm little bit short.