About Me

It was Easter several years ago and I was with my family, enjoying myself, joking and laughing with my sisters. I was laughing, a lot, so hard infact that I managed to black myself out.

Not a good thing

I was fat, fatter than I am now and spent my days sitting at a computer from morning until I went to bed. I decided to try and get moving. I started walking at lunch-time at work. While this was a start it wasn't something I enjoyed all that much. Walking made my ankles hurt, and in the end I could never really get that far away. So I decided to buy a bike.

This was my first Bike, I got it a Walmart for 130.00$ and ended up putting 1000 miles on it in the first four months. I pretty much rode this bike into the ground. That is when I saw it, The Orange Beast. A Diamondback Response.

I love B.O.B (The Big Orange Bike). This is also how I ended up with my name Fatguy on an Orange bike. The bike supposed to be green but I'm so happy I ended up with Orange. (I used to hate the color orange and now it is my favorite. Pretty neat how a good experience can change everything.

Lots have changed since 2006. as near as I can figure (since only recently I have gotten light enough to find out how much I actually weigh) I have lost over 100 pounds. I feel better then I can ever remember and am looking forward to each and every day.