Saturday, September 2, 2017

Bike Bag Light

My newest project

Been working on a safety light project for the last few weeks. I for one believe in bikes having lights and the more lights and the brighter the lights the better. One of the things I added to the programming was the ability to switch between different modes. Most of the modes are just for getting attention, like white and red blinking but I also added a pulsing rainbow and a cylon eye mode.

I can also easily change the program to add or change the animations The whole thing is powered by a usb battery charger. I picked up two of these chargers, a 5000 mah one and 10000 mah one. Once I get the chance to go out riding at night I will be able to see how long each of these batteries will work for.

Once I get the whole thing debugged and running I will post all the files and diagrams so anyone can build one. I will even post the parts list so that you can order all the parts and build one. Eventually I would like to replace the switch with a bluetooth link that I can control from my phone.

Edit - I started a github for all the files you need to build this for yourself

Please let me know what you think

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