Friday, August 25, 2017



I chose this topic to restart my blog for several reasons. Firstly because it is something I have been learning to make the cornerstone of my life. You all should know that my faith is very important to me and you should all know that I understand that faith isn't as important to many (but not all) of my readers. Still I think this idea falls under how all people should act

I remember a time when I did something... I don't remember what, but a friend of mine on Facebook who I know doesn't believe in God told me it was good to see someone who claimed to be a Christian actually act like how they thought a Christian should act. I still consider that the best compliment I have ever received.

now back to being grateful

A while ago I felt like God was trying to teach me to be grateful. Grateful for the life I had, Grateful for everything and everyone in my life. Those I could help and those who helped me. I learned to be Grateful to God for everything in my life. The good (for being good) and the Bad for showing me little bad there was.

Of course God wasn't finished with the Lesson, God is never finished with the lesson.

After I learned to be Grateful to God. He is teaching me to be grateful to everyone around me. This is a difficult lesson for me. I wont lie. This isn't something I planned on doing here but I am reminded of a bible verse John 3:30 "He must become greater, I must become less." This is the lesson I am learning. Only when I realize that I have to be  am grateful for everyone I have in my life, that I can understand what being grateful really means.

So when I place my hands in front of me and bow to you and say thank you. Know that I really do mean it.

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