Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I don't care

Let me start out this post by saying I try very hard to put forth a positive view of cycling and cyclists. Some days however... I just want to carry around a ball peen hammer that I can use on people who start any statement with

"You know the Problem with people on bikes?"

The desire to peen the living daylights out them before they can answer their own question can be almost overwhelming. If you are a non-cyclist reading this let me take a moment to explain somethings Saying the sentence listed above is like standing up and screaming


You should also know that no-one hears anything you say past the "Problem". I will clear up a few things.

Cyclists don't follow all the traffic rules. Now now before you get all huffy and self-righteous we learned it from drivers. The same people who view a Speed Limit as a Speed Minimum and red lights as optional have a problem with someone acting the exact same way, just without a car. Cyclist don't want to die but we're not the ones driving 2000 pounds guided missles. Telling someone to "ride on the bike trail" is a joke unless you only drive your car on parkway or turnpike. We don't care what you think about us because you have proven over and over again that you don't care about us.

So I have to wonder what would happen if each of us stopped putting up with in-bred questions that come from people who think being in a car makes "attempted murder" into "Teaching that guy on a bike a lesson" and started giving them a gift like the one on the shirt above.

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