Thursday, April 30, 2015


Say hello to my #Workbike.  She is a nice bike and I have felt bad that since I got here I haven't ridden her much. Since she is a single speed and I am a big fat guy it seems like I had made a huge mistake by picking a sweet little thing like her. Between BOB and the Macho Man, I never really found an excuse to take her out riding. She has sat patience in a dark closet just waiting for her time to shine.

That time has come.

I work for Heyl & Patterson (sorry about the talking sales pitch) designing some really cool machines. In August we moved from Robinson to Carnegie. Carnegie is pretty flat. i.e. Perfect for my sweet little single speed to really shine.  One of the cooler things about horking for H&P is that I can keep my bike inside in a secure room so I never have to worry about it. So when Lunch time comes

Off I go.

It is a great feeling to head out for 30 min of pedaling in the middle of the day, off to discover what I can about the area around our new building. So far I have found churches, graveyards, parks and playgrounds, murals and memorials.

In other words, some cool stuff

It is interesting to look forward to the middle of the day and wonder what I will see on my ride. No more sitting at my desk eating pb&j and watching youtube. Instead I get air, people, and usually smiles. I see a mom with a stoller and a puppy. I see other people on bikes, clearly not out for a ride but running errands. I ride and find the Professional & Amateur Pinball Association. Which is very cool looking place to find. So if you happen to be in Carnegie at lunch and the sun is shining look around you might just see me go zooming past you.

Ill be the fat guy smiling

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