Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Treasure Your Love

This post isn't bike related but I have been going through a lot in the past few months and I have to do something while it is single digit degrees out there.

(Come on warmer weather!)

Today was writers group at the library by my house and after a long break we are back with a vengeance (4 people suck on that!) We had a valentine's prompt and I was not looking forward to it but it worked out well. It seems the inside me knew more about what was going on with me the outside me. I was expecting the usual "love sucks" to come flowing out of me. What I got instead made me realize that just maybe I've started liking myself just a little. Enjoy

Treasure your love
You only get so much
and when it’s gone
It’s Gone

Don’t ask
Don’t Tell
Don’t feel
Don’t care
Just act

Just reach out
Just take a Freaking chance

A chance to smile
A chance to cry
A chance to change
Take a Freaking Chance
Any Chance

To take this day after day
of so called life
and make it your Bitch
Or better yet
Trade Life for living
Trade safety for Uncertainty

You know that feeling
“That everything is OK”
Dead people feel that
Smile for no reason
Love without Question
Stare into the Sun

Treasure your Love
Wonder where you’ll sleep tonight?
Or better yet with who?
Go hungry
Get drunk
Find a pretty Girl so out of your class it hurts
and Kiss her.

That’s right
all bets are off now

This is real
180 proof
It burns going down
But it keeps me warm

No nets
No waivers
No backup plans
Just the idea that life’s worth living

Just the idea that life is worth living
Is so foreign as to cause palpitations
“Could you hand me my inhaler, thanks”

Treasure your love
Become a memory
Create a story
That one time when
you did that thing that was really stupid
and you have no idea why you're still alive and out of jail
Do it again.

Be reckless
Live life
Because you only get so much
And when its gone
Its Gone