Monday, February 3, 2014

Open letter to walgreens

This would be the sidewalk infront of the walgreens by my house Saltsburg Road Penn Hills.
The one I walk past twice a day. Notice if you will that that everything is clear of snow and ice except the sidewalk. The road, the parking lot, the handicapped ramp. But not the sidewalk it empties onto. I know they are capable of clearing said sidewalk, the last four times I complained this year the side walk was cleared. That means they are able to do it. It also means they are Unwilling To do it.

This is insulting.

Here is a copy of the email I sent Walgreens, and at this point I am kind of hoping some manager loses his or her job.

"The sidewalk in front of your store is snow covered and icy. please explain to me why you think it is ok to remove the snow from the handicapped ramp only to have said ramp empty onto a snow covered, icy sidewalk. I have seen from the other times I have written to alert you to this that the sidewalk is them cleared of snow. 

This shows me that you are capable of acting properly just unwilling to do so.

This is the Fourth or Fifth time I have written and I find it seriously upsetting that you would so boldly flaunt your lack of respect for the people of your neighborhood with your unwillingness to keep your sidewalk clear of snow and ice. At this point it has become little more than an insult that you so easily disregard the safety of those who live and shop in this area.

Two things before I finish
1 Rite Aid across the street was out at 6am salting their sidewalk (I noticed on my way to work)
2. You can find a copy of this letter on my blog at Just look for post titled Open Letter to Walgreens.

Do the responsible thing and take care of your sidewalk.
Terry Bruce "

Nothing is going to change unless you are willing to stand up and demand change.

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  1. Many sidewalks in our area suffer from skips, where you have a maintained section followed by a bad section. This goes to the need to get code enforcement people involved. Keep up the good work, Terry -- Is the sidewalk you mention is also a bus stop? Shaming bad players like Walgrens is important.