Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fitbit Flex

So last night I picked up a Fitbit Flex and an Orange band for it (of course) and after letting it get a full charge I have placed it on my wrist. I find that I am very interested in what this little piece of gadgetry will tell me about my days (and nights with the sleep tracker)

You can expect a full review after I have had time to actually use it. So far there is somethings I can tell you about it. The set up was easy. I expected to have to answer a lot of personal questions (and I did) but when you are talking about a fitness tracker you are going to have to provide the information needed to make tracking your fitness as accurate as possible. So I answered the questions and it took about 15 min to get everything set up and running. I then let it charge overnight so that I was sure it would have a full charge. Not much else to say about it yet other than when went to the fitbit site it automatically read the information from my fitbit and told me how many steps I had taken since I put it on (113) it also let me know how many more steps my friends had taken.

So if you want to friend me on Fitbit my profile is I figure the more the merrier. I have also gotten to the point where I have posted so much information on-line that is just a little silly for me to try and hide things like my weight. I am also hoping for some accountability as well. I know that you guys out there will know when my weight goes up (it will) and when my weight goes down (I hope it will) Just knowing that is sure to play a part in the choices I make.

See the Hawthorne Effect

Already while I'm writing this I am thinking "I should be doing something for the fitbit to record."

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  1. I am looking forward to your report, especially interesting in how it interacts with your cycling.