Sunday, November 3, 2013

Reverse Keg Ride

Every year East End Brewing holds two rides. One in the spring and one in the fall. Both of these rides are fantastic fun and better yet, both end with beer. Really good beer. Yesterday was the Reverse keg ride.

Allow me explain. In the spring is the keg ride where we deliver fresh kegs of Pedal Pale Ale (The spring and summer beer) to some lucky drinking establishment. (Yes we deliver the kegs by bike). In the fall we return some of the empty kegs from OTB Bicycle Cafe back to the brewery.

As usual Flock of Cycles (that being the official name for some of the best people in Pittsburgh) marshalled the ride (That is helped keep everyone safe). I'm not sure of the numbers but I am sure that this was the best Reverse Keg Ride I have been a part of. I was one of the last people to make it to the brewery but since my marshalling job was to run sweep with one of my most favorite people it's ok. (thanks again Sarah)

Here is a pic of the pre-ride Gathering at OTB. (click to enlarge) We had a good sized group for a cold and wet November day. The rain started at about the same time as the ride but only lasted a few minutes. The riders were dampened but their spirits weren't. The only part of this ride I have a problem with is the one hill that stands in our way (this is Pittsburgh after all, if you only have one hill then you consider yourself lucky.) I made it up the hill and since I was a sweeper  (riding the back of the pack to make sure no one got left behind.) It was ok that I was one of the last people up the hill.

We got to the Brewery with no problems and aside from a couple mechanical problems (that were quickly remedied) everyone made it to the Brewery safe, sound and happy.

Here is the Post ride at the brewery, again click the picture to enlarge. At the brewery we all got to be the first people to taste the fall / winter beer Snowmelt. (a personal favorite of mine) As you can see from the pictures costumes were encouraged. There was a contest for the best costumes and everyone got the reverse keg ride glass (that you see in the first picture) This ride is one of my favorite rides of the year, and one that I try very hard to make it to. I enjoy the ride, and the beer of course, but I love the people.

This ride reminds me of why it is so good to ride in Pittsburgh.

I will end this post with some pics from the ride.

Pre-Ride at OTB
Duck, Duck, Goose
Pretty Kitty
Scott the Beer Master

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