Sunday, September 22, 2013

Tangle Bag - Review

The other day I was window shopping at Thick Bikes, Window shopping was all I could really afford after buying my new baby (All City Macho Man Disc) when I saw a smaller version of the Macho Man with a beautiful frame bag.

“Its a good thing I like Ramen Noodles” I thought since that is what i’ll be eating for the next week.  I tracked Chris down and asked him about the bag.  It was the Tangle Bag from Revelate Design. After trying the medium bag it was clear that I needed the large bag. So I ordered one from Thick Bikes and picked it up on Saturday. I got to admit it does add to the already huge amount of sexy this bike has.

Let me tell you first why I wanted a bag like this one. I keep everything I need for my bike in a backpack that I carry around with me wherever I go. I’m so sick of the backpack. It isn’t comfortable, and it makes my back sweaty. After I got the bag mounted on my bike I began to transfer the stuff from my backpack to my new bag.

2 patch kits
4 tire levers
My D-Lock
1 Spare Tube
2 mini tools
2 Tattoo Magazines

I still had room to add the items that are missing from this list (but that is another story). This made me very happy. So happy in fact that I didn’t notice what is going to be a bit of a downside. The bag, as nice as it is, takes up the same space as where the bars of a bike rack will go. (at least where the bars of most bike racks mounted on most cars go.)

I am classing this as a minor setback.

My bike doesn't spend much time on a bike rack like the ones on the backs of cars. If anything it spends most of its rack time on a Bus. With the bus bike rack I have no problems at all. So while taking the bag off and putting it back on when I have to is a pain, it isn't much of one. However if your bike spends a lot of time on the back of your car you may want to consider your options before purchasing a bag like this one.

I was asked on Google+ "How does it do when pedaling? Looks like it may rub some on legs?" And I thought this was a good question. The answer is that the bag is very slim and I haven't had any trouble with it rubbing. Here are a couple of pics showing what I have in the bag and what it looks like from above.

Here is the bag showing the colorful inside (which makes things easier to find when the light isn't the best) as well as what I found inside it.

Here is a photo of the bag (with all the items replaced inside) from above. you can see that it is just a bit wider than the top tube. Im thinking that I will be able to put quite a bit of stuff in the bag before it will bulge outward to any degree.


Specs - from the Revelate Website
Price:  $70.00

Weight:  9 oz

Small - 225 cubic inches
Medium - 275 cubic inches
Large - 350 cubic inches

Color Choices: Black

-Dimension Polyant Xpac 400 Denier Fabric
-840 denier ballistics fabric around tube sections
-Down tube section padded with closed cell foam
-Beefy construction
- all attachment points bartacked, reinforced top velcro flaps .
-White & yellow interior so you can see your stuff
-#8 YKK water resistant main zipper
-Left side flat pocket w/ #5 water resistant zipper
-Adjustable webbing attachments with low profile cam lock buckles.
-strap keepers
- Hydration tube / battery wire port near the front of bag.
- Gas tank compatible
-Fits lots of different bikes!

Last Note
All in all I am very pleased with the bag and I am glad I bought it. In the end I bought the Tangle Bag in order to stop wearing my backpack. As it turns out I have kept on wearing the backpack and have ended up simply carrying more stuff. I have to wonder if this is just a personal problem or if it is the nature of the beast. I think I now have a better understanding for my friends with so much stuff packed in their panniers.


  1. "Must have" stuff will always equal all available space plus 47 cubic inches.

  2. What size is your frame? I have a 56cm and a 57cm cross bike and would like to fit a Tangle bag to both. What size should i get?

  3. The Macho man is a 58. and I have the large bag. i would imagine the lagre one would fit yours as well. if you look at top photo there is some room for adjustment.

  4. Looks pretty rad. I have a 55cm Machoman. I was debating on getting the medium or large. I may be a wee bit short on the top tube dimension. According to Revelate Designs they suggest have a 21" space for the toptube.. I only have 20". The real problem is that the medium is currently out of stock! So I may have to wait unless I could get away of jamming the large on my bike