Friday, September 20, 2013


My life is like this. After months and months of talking about Flock of Cycles to my friends and doing all I can to get them to come out on a ride, I finally managed it. Three of my friends joined me on their first flock ride. Just so happens to be the first flock ride this year with an actual hill.


Before anyone (especially those at Flock) think I'm complaining let me say that I'm not. There was nothing wrong with the route and it would of a made a pleasant change from the usual route. Also my friends made it up the hill and now have something to brag about. I just wish I could of warned them before hand. I talk constantly about the Flock of Cycles, I love the people and I look forward to the ride each month. I think it is kind of funny that when I finally get people to come on the ride it turns out to be nothing at all like what I made it out to be.

Life is like that sometimes.

I want to be serious and talk about two things. First off I want to say how proud I am that my friends didn't turn around when faced with that hill and made it up. I know many of you would smirk about me calling this is a hill. The truth is I didn't have any trouble with it either. Still it was hard for my friend and even though it was hard, there was no quitting. I am very proud of them.

Secondly when we were going up the hill we kept falling behind the group but we were never alone. Other Flockers stayed with us and encouraged us. I can remember my first few flock rides where I was the one in the back always holding everyone up. I wanted to quit. I felt like I was too old, fat, and slow. I didn't quit because back then there were people who helped me through it. People who made sure I made it and encouraged me when I wanted to quit.

It changed my life.

That isn't something I say lightly. So now I work to be the encouragement, and if Im lucky I can help someone else up that hill and give them the same feeling of accomplishment I had the first time I made it up that hill.


  1. Beautifully said. Your friends did great! They should brag!

  2. That is awesome. You have to start somewhere. My mother in law did Liberty on Pedal Pittsburgh. She stopped a few times because it was the longest, steepest hill she has seen (she comes from flatlands). I am glad your friends did it, and I am glad you did it. It must be so fulfilling!

  3. Your one friend needs to be extra proud -- she rode that thing with a rear wheel that was deeply in the grip of the Friction Devil

  4. They kicked ass! I don't smirk about Beechwood being a hill--it is loooong and it has only been a few years since I had to STRUGGLE to the top, often on foot. Getting all the way up is a huge accomplishment, whether you walk your bike up, stop a whole lot along the way, WHATEVER. A big percentage of the population could not do it. And the fact that they managed it after not having ridden a whole lot even on the flats? That is really impressive. BRAVO to your friends--I feel fortunate to have met them and I very much hope they will join us again!

  5. Well, as one of the friends, I was glad to go on the ride.
    I am a real newbie at the riding on roads which made me nervous enough, and Beechwood surprised me. I have ridden or driven that road for so many years that in the car you do not notice the slope. I did get to the point that I had to stop for a couple minutes, but, like you said Terry, some Flockers stayed with us and encouraged us. Oh, I will admit, I thought about pushing the bike up the hill, or figuring out the easiest way back to the park, but I came for a ride, and the ride I was going to do.
    So I started riding again. And I made it, with the support of the you Terry and the other riders,and I am proud that I did.
    So, Thank you Flockers for showing me that I can do it, and Thank you Terry for inviting me.
    Next I will purchase some betters lights and see you all again when my schedule permits.