Monday, August 19, 2013

The New Steed

I wanted to introduce everyone to the newest member of the Fatguy OrangeBike Family. Randy "The Macho Man. This is the one, the only,

The All City Macho Man Disc

This was a case of Love at first sight. I was at Thick Bikes when I came across a small postcard advertisement for this bike. I remember grabbing the card, dancing around and screaming "Please God tell me this is real!!"  Turns out it is. This is the newest version of their cross bike. Disc brakes, 20 gears, and a totally dream to ride.

Oh and did I mention it is Orange.

Really Orange

Orange and White

With White Pedals

And White Bottle Holder

So I ended up buying the Macho Man and by the time I made it three blocks away I was convinced that I had made the right decision. The only downside to the bike was the saddle, The horn of the saddle was just to long and tended to poke me in tender places. (I gave it a 100 miles and just could not get used to it.) I referred to the saddle as the "All City Fister" So I picked up a saddle with a shorter horn.

Not sure if I told you "Its Orange".


  1. Orange Bikes are the best!!

  2. I love my Nature Boy (single-speed version), and have been seriously thinking about a Macho Man. You're not helping matters.

    Nice ride!

  3. Oh man that looks awesome! When I was hanging out at Thick someone rolled in with a flat bar version too. The macho-man is just a fantastic bike all around.

    Ride the hell out of it my man. Are you coming out for Pedal PGH?