Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A good day

Well not for me. (its been a tough week but a short one!) but still I found myself well warmed when I saw this photo on facebook.

Along with the text "Can someone tell Ian to come pick up his bike?" The white bike there locked up to the pole is Ian's bike. 

It was lost and now is found

A week ago his bike was stolen and yesterday it was spotted, tracked down, locked up, and recovered. The police were called and I'm not sure what all came of that other than the recovery of the bike. I am no longer surprised at what the Cycling community here in Pittsburgh can do. I'm sure there are many bicycles that get stolen and are never seen again (at least by their owners), but when you are a part of a large community who may very well be able to recognize your bike faster than they can recognize you. I have to think that someone is going to spot your bike sooner rather than later. 

That was just what happened. It would of been better if the whole thing ended with someone being frog marched to a cop car in handcuffs, but I for one am glad to see Ian's bike going back to Ian.

I'm gonna call that one a win.

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  1. Awesome news! I had not heard that the bike had been tracked down and "preserved" for reclamation by Ian. That is just fabulous! Thanks for the good news.