Monday, May 13, 2013

Fatguy on vacation part 1

Well it is at the end of my first day on vacation, and in the morning I took a ride with my Nephew (who was holding the camera. I had to rock the old school Flock of Cycles T-shirt. The ride in the morning was refreshing, it was a bit chilly (we will call it brisk) and the wind was brutal. I thin breakfast, a ten mile ride and home by 8:30 is a none to shabby way to start off the week. Yesterday was a partial day so I only got a 4 mile ride in to the beer store and back.

My nephew and I made it to the nearest Fishing pier and decided to try our luck I have had some luck fishing at the pier, mostly a freaking looking flat fish called a skate. Here is a pic of my nephew with his first ever fish. Yeah it is an ugly fish, but it fights you to bring it in. I found out just how hard it can fight when it broke my rod in half and made me pull it up by hand.

So yeah I'm down one rod.

It was a trying day after that but nothing a nap and a huge plate of various BBQ'd meats couldn't improve. After dinner I felt restless and restless is something I know how to deal with. So I snuck out an hopped on my bike and headed out as the sun was setting and the wind seemed to have calmed down. 8.77 miles later I pulled back into the house and I am sitting in the kitchen writing this.  Soon it is off to bed and netflix a movie while the muscles unwind.

A Ranty Aside

On my evening ride I had toyed with the idea of just riding to a local bar and having a few adult potables. However as I rode past the first five or six bars without seeing anywhere to lock up a bike I gave up on the idea and started really paying attention to the shops and stores I was passing as I rode. I saw so few spots to lock up bikes that they stood out.

1 bike shop
1 pizza shop
1 bar (closed)

I find this very strange in a place (Outer banks N.C.) that the roads are not only flat but almost un-nerving in their straightness. (it is disconcerting to look down the road and see cars coming for miles.) When you take into account the fact the whole area is dependent on the tourist trade it is even more shocking that so many places not only lack bike racks but anywhere to lock up a bike at all. Maybe things change during the tourist season which starts next week.

But for some reason I doubt it.

Ranty Aside over

So mileage so far for the week 22.77 miles.

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