Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bicycle Dreams - Full Version

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Here is the full "finished" version of the poem. I say "Finished" since I am always tweaking and changing my poems. Especially if I get the chance to perform them live. (Not often) Here is the Poem, if I can find a way to record it and post it I will do so.

Bicycle Dreams

The walls of my cubicle close in on me.

Institutional incarceration

4 walls - 40 hours - 5 days
Indoors, while sun and wind mock me
During all too short lunchtime reprieves
The dreams begin - Bicycle dreams
Dreams of escape and freedom
Dreams of trails trees and sharrows
Sitting at my desk
I hear the ticking of the chain
I hear the hum of the rubber on the road
I dream of escaping these walls
I dream Bicycle Dreams

2 wheels - 24 gears - and open skies
Dreams of inconsequential destinations and
Life changing journeys.
Trying to get lost and working at staying that way
Lost to the world, Lost with my friends
Each of us dreaming our bicycle dreams separately
Dreams fulfilled of trails taken
Dreams regretted of those passed by
Nightmares of hills of climbing to the stars
And descending into the valleys
Wind whipped and laughing giving voice to silent dreams.

Bicycle dreams - Frames dancing
multicolored fantasies of steel and carbon
sliding across sunset skies on
whispered wheels of wishes
On tubes like hearts
once broken

Pulled out
Patched and
Made stronger for the damage

Bicycle dreams
outpacing reality and its fear
outpacing my weak and feeble excuse for a life

A life
that clings to me,
           drags at me
                  pulls me to the side.

That weak and feeble excuse for a life
That lies to me
That tells me

I’m too old
          I’m too slow
                I’m too fat

Half truths that taunt me in my weakness
I am Old, Slow and Fat
But I get on my bike and ride
And thats no dream

Im thinking I would really like to make a video to go along with this.

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