Sunday, April 28, 2013

A good bad weekend

Now just so you know I am trying very hard to keep this blog from being a boring "I did this and I saw this and I ate this" blog. I want to provide you with post that are both enjoyable and informative. This is why I have been taking the time to do the interviews and reviews. That being said, this post is going to be a little light on content but there are things I just have to get off my chest.

Been a mixture of good and bad this weekend. I went to both thick bikes and OTB on friday. I got to have a good dinner and hang out with my friends Paul and Jenny as well as have a wonderful conversation with one of the most intelligent people I know. All while enjoying beer and just a little tequila. It was a great night. Both at thick bikes and OTB I was welcomed by name and I still find it strange. This may sound a little self deprecating but I am still not used to being a part of a group instead of on the outside.

It is good if stange to me.

Dinner and friends went well even if I did for the second time that week end up flying back to town in order to catch my bus. (For everyones information if you ride across the Smithfield St bridge on the shared sidewalk/bike path at 9:45 at night at 20 mph ringing your bell and screaming "COMING THRU!!" You will cause some people just a little stress) To the girl who clung to the railing screaming I am very sorry but the last bus was at 9:55.

Karma is a bitch

I woke up the next morning sick with a sore throat and ended up missing the Keg Ride for East End Brewing. (that ended up at Schenly Park Dammit!!!)  and only got 26.8 nmiles this week which leaves me at 203.61 miles for the year and 123.3 miles under my goal. (GRRRRR!!!!) I am hoping to finish several interviews, and reviews (a very nice multi tool and my new Headlight)

One last note. If you are reading this and want more I have been posting a lot of small things at the Fatguy Orange bike Facebook Page so if you want more head on ever there and like the page so you don't miss anything.

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