Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Icycle Bicycle 2013

This is what the street looked like this morning when I hopped on BOB and headed to the Icycle Bicycle ride of 2013. A ride that will forever be thought of in my head the BRRRR its COLD ride. You may remember that in my new years resolutions that one of my goals was to do the Icycle Bicycle. That is one goal down but I also added a goal to the list in that I want to pick up at least one tag this year. The tagorama on the Bike PGH forum is something that I wanted to do and have yet been able to accomplish. More on that later.

For some reason. Maybe the cold, maybe staying up late for New Years then getting up early for the ride but I just wasn't thinking to clearly. So I rode down to the waterfront and through sandcastle. (yes I know what you are thinking. "He can't be that stupid!!")

Yes he can.

This is what the trail looked like when I got to it. If you cant tell the word for the day would be un-ridable. I'm not positive it is a real word but it for sure is a real concept. (again I know what you're thinking "Well you just turned around and got on 837 and rode into the southside"...) I wish I could give an answer other than "Its a long walk to Paige's Dairy where I could get on the road...

Remember bed late - Up early. 

Still once I got on the road I made pretty good time and Got to REI about a half hour before the ride started. I got a cup of hot coffee. I filled my water bottles and met my friends (Both old and new.) I got meet and shake hands with someone who reads this blog (Hello Vannevar) Then we did the ride. I heard that over a hundred of us were out there braving the wet and the cold.  I loved it.

After the rough start I enjoyed the ride (even though I got seperated and did the last half on my own) Lunch and beers followed then a bus ride home and even as I type this I am gazing longingly at my bed. (Terry is a tired boy) Before I go I want to talk about 2 things the first is short, the second not so much. 

First finding the dry winter hat and dry winter gloves in my backpack after the ride was wonderful. I would seriously suggest you plan ahead and give yourselves these small comforts. (cooler of ice water in the car for when you get back from hot trail ride.) things like this can make a big difference.

Secondly. You guys know that I struggle with lots of things (weight, depression, money, feeling out of place) while I was walking down the trail, having to stop every 50 feet to give my leg a rest and yell at myself for being both stubborn and stupid. I found that it was all to easy to feel like I had not right to be here.

"What was I thinking?"
"I'm not a cyclist, I'm just a fat guy."
"This just proves I don't belong on a bike."

The truth is the only thing that kept me going forward was the feeling that I was closer to the end than the beginning and it would take even longer to turn around. I was decided that I would just ride to town, get on the bus, go home, put my bike away, and maybe never ride it again. I was in tears as I walked down the trail. I got a text and looked at it. It was from a friend, it said 

"I feel like crap, Bourbon, see you at 11."

I responded
"Doubtful, May get to REI by the time your back from the ride"

He responded right back
"Walk Faster"

So I walked faster, and I made there in time to do the ride. I also realized that it would be too easy to listen to myself during the rough times and just give up. Giving up is something I have done way too much of in my life. With friends like this, maybe I can change that.


  1. It was great to see you there. Thanks for the shout-out.

    For me, the hardest thing is the decision to get to the start. Once you're pedalling it's all good, it's getting there that's tough. Happy New Year, man.

  2. I went out after that ride was over, and thought the same thing when I jumped on the trail... "wtf were you thinking, and you'll be colder if you walk" - I squiggly lined my bicycle to the Southside. it took forever. was super fun.