Saturday, December 1, 2012

Zen Thoughts

I found an article over at Urban Velo about Zen Cycling. Which was actually about an article called "Zen Cycling" written by Anthony Golding over at Resurgence. I Didn't really expect to much out of this article, all to often I find the use of the word Zen to be either overdone or used in some supernatural 'be the bike' kind of way.

This article was neither. The article (which I recommend that you go and read after you have finished here) lists eight ideas of zen cycling and goes on to expound on them. I am going to list the 8 ideals here but you will need to go read the Resurgence article to see what each one means. Some are simple to understand while others will be food for thought for some time.

1. There must be no sense of urgency
2. Leave the radio, music players, cell-phones and (if you can) your watch at home
3. Staying silent during parts of the day
4. Responding to and befriending your surroundings
5. Recognizing and handling fear
6. Handling competition
7. On being assertive
8. Have an adventure by yourself

I am going to post a little of what Anthony said about Ideal 6 - Handling Competition
This is a strange one as we are so brainwashed into achieving. Questions like: "How many miles have you done today?” "How long did it take to get up the mountain – did you walk?" or "What! You put the bike on a train!" "I must have the state-of-the-art machine and equipment."
This has been on my long standing pet peeves. It is also one of my long standing weaknesses. I constantly struggle with feelings of "I should be riding more" and "I should be riding up that hill" Some of this is good. To challenge yourself to do more and push yourself to improve is a good thing. The problem I have and the problem I struggle with is when this challenge become the only thing.

I have noticed that it is when that side of me is winning that cycling becomes more of a chore than a joy.

So head on over to Resurgence and give Zen Cycling a read. The next time you find yourself riding and either rushing to get somewhere or competing with yourself remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Reading the Resurgence article was a really good tip. Thanks!