Sunday, December 30, 2012

A little bit of work

Did a little bit of maintainence work on BOB yesterday. I cleaned up the frame and took off the christmas lights I had on the frame. I like the idea of riding around with the lights on. I enjoyed the people noticing the lights and waving. I also liked the idea of the added visibility. Still the tape I had used to secure the lights was beginning to fall apart.  I also cleaned things up and lubed the chain. I have tried several different lubes for the chain and for me I have decided that I like Rock-n-Roll Gold the "King of Lubes". I only know that this lube makes my chain quieter than anything else I have used. I plan on writing a review of this lube in the near futuer. i.e. it has made it to the list of articles that need to be written.

I also added a new cyclometer. The Sigma BC1609 with a reader that allows me to connect it to my computer. I did not realize this when I started to install the cyclometer but it also came with a cadence reader. For those of you who do not know, a cadence reader is a sensor that tells me just how slowly I'm pedalling. I am hoping to see how well this works on the icycle bicycle ride on the first of the year. I understand that there is a good chance of snow and cold. Usually I'm not to excited about riding around in the cold and the snow but it has been a few weeks since I have had a good ride. Besides it is time to pull a Number nine. This will give me a good chance to try out my new tires, gloves, and cyclometer.

All in all a ride that I am looking forward to. now I just have to break out the winter gear.

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