Friday, November 30, 2012

Good News

I just saw this over at the Bike Pittsburgh blog. Yet another tasty place to eat has been upgraded with a kick ass bike corral. This is the second Bike Corral to be placed in Pittsburgh, the first one is in front of OTB bicycle cafe in the Southside (My favorite place to eat). This corral serves double duty since it  takes over what used to be a no parking zone that was frequently ignored. So when car-holes complain about losing parking spaces in Shadyside (a place well known for to little parking) you can point out that if you parked there you were breaking the law.

Mini Rant Begin
You know kind of like the way car-holes complain about cyclists going through stop signs and the way that cyclist slow them down and keep them from ignoring the speed limit signs on the road. 
Mini Rant End

Still this is a great thing to see going into Shadyside. We need the infrastructure more than ever. The popularity of cycling is growing and more people are taking to their bikes as an option to their cars. The only way that people will continue to do this is if we can make it easy and convenient for them to do this. I am not talking about the hardcore fixie riding twenty something who doesn't own a car or see a reason to own a car. I'm talking about the people who just want to go out for a evening grab some food and maybe a drink or two and don't want to have to use a car, find parking, and pay for parking.

Remember these are the people who could be in that car behind you tomorrow morning.

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