Monday, September 10, 2012


This is Colin's neck. He had it slashed for no particular reason by a man who waited for him to get off his bike then followed him up a long flight of concrete steps. He stabbed him, slashed his throat, threw his bike over the steps and drove away. People are already starting to wonder what Colin did on his bike to cause this.

Do I really need to repeat that last sentence? I felt a bit inbred just typing it the first time.

I have been trying to keep to the high ground since this had happened. But the high ground is slipping. I believe it is slipping for a lot of us here in the Burgh. Eventually we are going to be pushed a little to far. Someone is going to step out of their 2000 cruise missile and end up on the receiving end of a u-lock. And after what happened to Colin you will forgive me if I beat you senseless then ask questions!

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