Saturday, September 22, 2012


it is strange. I don't usually feel like this. but now that I am around people I feel more alone than when I am actually alone. even when I am with my cycling friends I feel out of place. an older guy hanging out with younger people.

The other night was the flock of cycles ride and a bunch of us rode around. We ended up at point park for a potluck picnic and it was a great time that was had by all. even me. I still felt out of place, being one of the old guys trying to hang out with the young people.

sometimes being me is rough

Friday, September 21, 2012

Insane Driver

Warning don't watch the video unless you want to be upset

Just found this video linked from Bike PGH forums. and watching it was enough to really piss me off. After doing a little searching I found out that the guy honking the horn in the car was caught and arrested by the police. (Full Link) all I got to say is karma is a bitch!

"Seventy-five year old James Ernst, 75, of Erie, Colorado, was cited for improper use of his horn, two counts of harassment, and — this is the most delightfully schadenfreudenistic part — impeding traffic."

Monday, September 17, 2012

How not to lock a bike up

Look close the bike locked up by just the wheel. By a huge U-Lock. Sorry but you really deserve to have your bike stolen!

Yes the front tire has a quick release!

The bad part is, I've seen worse

Monday, September 10, 2012


This is Colin's neck. He had it slashed for no particular reason by a man who waited for him to get off his bike then followed him up a long flight of concrete steps. He stabbed him, slashed his throat, threw his bike over the steps and drove away. People are already starting to wonder what Colin did on his bike to cause this.

Do I really need to repeat that last sentence? I felt a bit inbred just typing it the first time.

I have been trying to keep to the high ground since this had happened. But the high ground is slipping. I believe it is slipping for a lot of us here in the Burgh. Eventually we are going to be pushed a little to far. Someone is going to step out of their 2000 cruise missile and end up on the receiving end of a u-lock. And after what happened to Colin you will forgive me if I beat you senseless then ask questions!

Friday, September 7, 2012


Multi-modal in biking terms means taking your bike for part of the trip, and public transportation for the other part. I for one have always been a big supporter of this. I still am, but i am noticing that while i am on the bus -- especially in traffic -- i can't help but wonder if i couldn't get there faster on my bike.

Just about the only place i can't get to is home from town. But all the other places it seems that it takes me longer to get there by bus.than it would bike.