Monday, August 27, 2012

D-bag drivers

Maybe its just my time. Maybe i lost a bet with God, but this mornings ride into town was filled with the worst drivers i have ever seen.

I would read on the forums about the jerks on the road but for the most part my encounters with them have been few and far between.  It seems karma is a spiteful little bitch who decided to collect, in full for several years of peaceful streets.

It seems i was wearing a target on my back only visible by the lowest common denominator of drivers.  The clueless ones. I was buzzed, right hooked,  and yelled at. All on a 10 block stretch of penn in the strip.

I wad seething by the time i got into town.  I think I'm gonna get a basket for my handlebars so i can fill it with rocks to throw at the cars.

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