Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Tribe


When I began riding my bike all those years ago, I did it for a simple reason. I didn’t really want to die. Like many I rode my bike for the health benefits that regular exercise offers to everyone. Especially to one of my size. I never expected to become a member of a tribe.

But that is what happened.

After riding for several years with various friends and by myself I began to hang out with some of the bike people here in pittsburgh. Bike PGH runs a biking forum and it was on there I got to know many of the people before I got to meet them face to face. When I did get to meet them, and ride with them it felt like I was meeting people I already knew. People who were glad that I was along for the ride. even if I was the fat guy in the back of the line slowing everyone down. I was accepted and encouraged. They welcomed me into their group. I became part of the flock, so to speak. We watched out for each other, laughed with other, and teased each other. Ww rejoiced together with each new mile of bike lanes and sharrows. We mourned with each other when one of us was hurt, injured or killed. We are a tribe. Helmet or not, it doesn’t matter. Mountain, Road, or Fixie it doesn’t matter. We are a tribe. I know that this is the reason I am still riding today. I was welcomed into the tribe. I know this isn’t something that only bike people do, but it is something that bike people did for me.

Photo Credit: Rob de la Cretaz

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