Friday, December 16, 2011

A question

In my last post "A Change"  a reader named Vannevar asked:

"what clothing combos are you using to stay comfortable? I'm on an EverLastingQuest for the optimal winter riding kit."

I was going to just post a comment to reply but as i typed, and typed I realized it would be better to answer it this way.  so this is my answer to that question.

My gear is pretty simple I have a pair of fleece lined pants that I wear when it is cold. I have a balaclava that I Got at REI and pair of thin arm warmers. My biggest change is I used to wear a hoodie - flannel combo but the wind went right thru it. I have a fake leather jacket that cuts the wind completely. I have riding gloves that have some kind of wind breaker material on the backs of them and a thicker pair of gloves for when it is really cold. on my feet I wear a simple pair of leather sneakers.

The only thing I haven't manged to get yet is something for my eyes. I wear glasses but don't need them to ride. so I'm looking at getting some ski goggles or something like them. the wind when I'm flying down liberty is just a bit much.

Most of my keeping warm has to do with the Fat Guy part of being a fat guy on an orange bike. as it is when i get done with a ride I have to turn my jacket inside out to let my sleeves dry out. since while they block the wind and I'll bet provide some protection from when (not if) I slide on the ice later, they also don't allow any moisture out.

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