Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Been on vacation since saturday and I am so happy to say that one of the reasons that this is the first post I have made is pretty much because This is the first chance I have had to actually sit down and write out a post.

You will forgive me if I still keep this short as I still have lost of things I want to do.

Sunday = Church
at least it does for me and I have always felt that going to church to be something important for me. Instead of actually going to a Church on sunday I headed off for false cape, and the bike trails that wind their way through this fantastic state park.

I went along the trails until I encountered sand to soft to ride on. I ended up at wash wood educational center. looking out over back bay all to my self. 

This was my church and I felt so happy and lucky to be alive. 

Pretty much all my time has been spent bike riding and fishing. As it turns out I really like to fish and while not exceptional at it I did have quite a good time surf fishing for a fish called Black drum. (or striped donkey fish as we call them) I caught and released at least  a dozen of these fish. one of them was huge at about a foot and half.

I really hope that my busy fun days continue.. Perhaps if they do I won't have time to post again until I get home and back to work on monday.

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