Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hello Hills

Canton Ave Pittsburgh Pa

I have never really liked hills. (Shocking I know) Being a Fat Guy on an Orange Bike hills have been my eternal enemy. However something happened yesterday that while it didn't change my feelings toward hills, it may have lightened it just a bit. I am getting ahead of myself, so allow me to start at the beginning.

Monday was my birthday (so now I'm a Fat Old Guy on an Orange Bike) and I had hatched a plan to make a batch of mead (honey wine) on my birthday for my next birthday. It was a good plan, I was going to make make a couple gallons and all needed to do was pick up some honey and some yeast from the homebrew store.  Little did I know that my birthday is of such great importance that even the homebrew stores closed to celebrate (granted they said they are closed every monday but I know the truth) So alas I had to wait until yesterday (Tuesday) to stop and get the supplies I needed. 

I had my bike with me and after work I threw it on the bus and headed to the Brew shop. I picked up the 10 pounds of supplies I needed (and some I didn't need but wanted) and packed these things in my backpack and headed back to town on my bike. Up Noblestown road. (yes I know many of you out there don't think of that as a hill but it is and I do. I was surprised to find that I made it up the hill with little problem (granted I didnt break any land speed records) and only stopped to get on the proper side of the road. Even with the heavy backpack I managed it just fine. 

So this morning I started to (once again) re-plan my different routes to and from work.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Been on vacation since saturday and I am so happy to say that one of the reasons that this is the first post I have made is pretty much because This is the first chance I have had to actually sit down and write out a post.

You will forgive me if I still keep this short as I still have lost of things I want to do.

Sunday = Church
at least it does for me and I have always felt that going to church to be something important for me. Instead of actually going to a Church on sunday I headed off for false cape, and the bike trails that wind their way through this fantastic state park.

I went along the trails until I encountered sand to soft to ride on. I ended up at wash wood educational center. looking out over back bay all to my self. 

This was my church and I felt so happy and lucky to be alive. 

Pretty much all my time has been spent bike riding and fishing. As it turns out I really like to fish and while not exceptional at it I did have quite a good time surf fishing for a fish called Black drum. (or striped donkey fish as we call them) I caught and released at least  a dozen of these fish. one of them was huge at about a foot and half.

I really hope that my busy fun days continue.. Perhaps if they do I won't have time to post again until I get home and back to work on monday.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Cargo bike love

Found this on EcoVelo and I just love this (small minus for both very short political rant and an F-bomb) so be warned before you click play.

Head on over to for more info

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hot Bra Bridge

This is what I saw the other morning while I rode to work. This is the Hot Metal bridge that crosses from 2nd ave to the Southside. All across the Ped/Bike lane hangs hundreds of bras on a wire. Since it is October this is done for breast cancer awareness, and is something I am a huge supporter of. I have had to many relatives that have had to face this terrible foe. This is why I do the relay for life, and why I support research in whatever way I can.

I'm also a fan of boobs in general. As I heard it, once you see one set of boobs you pretty much want to see them all.