Sunday, September 11, 2011


Stopped at the bike shop yesterday to pick up a new back wheel. (mine had snapped a spoke and I wanted to get a nwe wheel and then fix the old one up as a spare.) I asked all the questions I could think of and found the new wheel I wanted.
I took the wheel home and decided to swap the cogs over this morning. This went without a hitch and I was feeling really good about the whole thing. when I got the Cog off I saw why the spoke broke. Im guessing something really bad happened when I wrecked since half the spokes (outward facing ones - the same ones that I broke) were all chewed up. So I felt really good that I was replacing the wheel and would replace all those spokes before I used the wheel again.
My good feeling didn't last, when I went to put the tube back on I noticed that the hole for the valve looked a little narrow, and sure enough it was Presta instead of schrader.
Not only do I not have any Presta Tubes but I dont think My floor pump is presta either, also my front tire is Schrader so I either have to carry two different types of tube or figure something out to use a presta tube on my front wheel as well.
Some Days it just doesn't Pay to be motivated.

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