Monday, September 19, 2011

Been Busy

Been kind of busy lately, First off last week I had Four flat tires and three days, that would be one more than three and one less than Insane. I have to admit I was starting to rethink the whole Riding My Bike Into Work thing. Still some new tubes (slime is your friend) and some new tires and so far so good. Been riding long enough now that I am starting to get more comfortable with being in the streets in the morning and I am beginning to notice all the other riders I see.

I am pleased to find that I recognize many of them from Bike-PGH.

I don't drive, I don't own a car nor do I have a driver's licence and I say this not in some strange tree-hugger I'm better than you kind of way, but I write this to explain the increased freedom I feel from being able to actually get out and go places and have fun. Instead of just staying at home I now plan things around where I want to go, and not just where I can get a ride to.

Not to mention that I am once again feeling better, and feeling better about myself. So if you're wondering why I haven't been writing much the reason is that I have been spending my time outside riding.

Go Ride

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