Thursday, April 14, 2011

Longest 5 Miles of my Life

Photo Credit: joiseyshowaa

Dear God in heaven,
  I know you are there, I can hear the chuckling. Just so you know I think it is kind of funny as well. just a little less since I am the one who for some reason thought a nice 5 mile ride would be good today. Even as I knew that a 5 Mile ride would not be good.

Still it was what I needed  --  And you knew that. I guess that is just one of the perks of being God.

So the truth is I'm sore, I'm tired, and my butt hurts. I am also feeling much better than I was when I forced myself to go out riding. FORCED is the right word for it. I had to go and get my bike twice, since the first time I talked myself out of it. I told myself that the walk to the bank and back at lunch was enough. Thankfully I talked myself out of it and went riding anyway.

There is something magical about going out for a ride, even if it is just to ride in circles. You see I have things going on in my head. All the time. Nothing spooky like voices telling me do things, just thoughts, worries, daydreams. that kind of stuff, it is always there, clamoring for attention. A lot of the time those thoughts are less than pleasant. They are thoughts about being out of shape, being alone, worries about work, and worries about money. Still when I'm on the bike and riding those thoughts all stop..




and the silence

is wonderful.

Yet, not everything about the ride was all sunbeams and lolipops. At first the plan was to ride 10 miles (what the hell was I thinking?) but as I rode the laps around the School by my house I soon saw that while 10 miles was a pipe dream I figured 5 miles was a good start. I might not have made it that far if it wasn't for the woman walking her dog who was just way to cute (the woman not the dog) and I kept going around just one more time to get another look.

I may be a dirty old man but I'm a dirty old man who takes his inspiration where I can.

Starting Odometer: 285.10
Odometer reading: 290.23
Total Miles for the Year: 21


  1. Great that you're back on the bike.

  2. Thanks man,

    did the viking spring ride a few weeks ago (and then it snowed!)

  3. I completely understand. I had to FORCE myself to go out and ride today(I'm trying to get ready to do the NYC 5boros bike tour May 1st) but once I was out there riding everything was ok, even tho the wind tried to knock me over more than once, riding is fun, period.

    Way to go!!! That first 5 miles is a great start!!!

  4. Hi.
    I ride an orange bike too.
    I just put a link over to your blog from mine: