Saturday, November 27, 2010

Vegetarian Thoughts

Photo Credit: Chotda

Well I have been trying out the whole Idea of either not eating meat or eating very little meat (I haven't really decided). While I did eat meat on Thanksgiving it was the only meat I have eaten for quite while. Now let say first and foremost that this is not some animal rights / environmental / political thing. Cause it is none of those things.

I think meat is delicious and deserves to be eaten.
I Don't have political leaning (at all)
I doubt anything I eat or don't eat will have any effect on the environment

It was just time for a change, time for a chance for me to look outside my comfort zone and try to something I have never tried before. Over the past couple of weeks I have learned some things.

1. This is difficult
2. No regular reseraunt has any idea what no meat means
3. At home I have a surprisingly large number of options.
4. Not all Vegetarian meals are healthy
5. Some People are really cool about it
6. Some People - not so much.

I expected some of my friends to tease me (and I am happy to say they did not let me down) The photos of meat pizzas and steaks I got on my phone were what I expected and had less of an effect than I thought they would.

You see I love eating meat. I thought I would have a really hard time giving up meat but so far I haven't gone through the withdrawal that I thought I would. So things are looking up and the lunch I had today was crazy tasty.

Vegetable Broth
Canned Vegetables

add salt pepper and garlic powder and you are good to go. I think the whole thing cost me like 4 bucks.

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