Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Bitter is Showing

Photo Credit: Marko82

I'm not really sure why it happens, or how I get started down these swirling rabbit holes of what can only be called a shot of seething anger followed with a chaser of impotent rage. (If your laughing cause I said impotent then stop reading now, and go ask your mommy to slap you for being an immature child  -  Yes that bitter)

My days don't start this way, well not all of them start this way, Ok today started this way but I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

here are a couple of the threads that set me off today (Ok I came up with the titles myself)

911 is staffed by total TARDS
Sandcastle is run by uncaring A-Holes
The D on a car shifty thingie stands for D-Bag
People in General Suck

Sure there were some positive threads and Yes I am one part away from finishing the Ventura, but I think what really gets me are not the people who are pissed off, but the people who call for calmness. Since October 1st I have gotten 62 news articles that google alerts has pulled up for the term "Cyclist Killed"  Yes some of them have been duplicates but still 62 articles in 11 days?

The Police Don't take us seriously.
Politicians and their two faced cronies Lie to our faces.
Port Authority Bus Drives seem to think trying to hit us is a game.

Our Complaints are never taken seriously and really why should they be? We don't do anything after the complaint. They tell us to go away and like the abused child we have been convinced that we are, We go away.

Why do we always Go Away.

Why can't we start our complaint with "Hello, yes this call is being recorded and will be on the internet within moments of me hanging up, I have a complaint about one of your drivers, but first can I have YOUR Full Name and position please." and end the complaint with "If you or another person would like to call me back with the resolution of this complaint I would be happy to post that conversation as well." Fair is Fair after all.

How great would it be to see groups of Cyclist blocking entry to Sandcastle's (everyone talks about how that wont make us any friends but they seem to forget WE DONT HAVE ANY FRIENDS) and when one group is taken away (yes TAKEN AWAY) another group takes their place.  Hopefully with video and news coverage.

I know it wont happen, but I can dream

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