Friday, October 15, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Sunday is my Birthday and Celebrate I did a couple things. First I took today off to try and enjoy myself. I also stopped at Thick Bikes and picked up the last couple of parts I needed to finish the Project. Last night I finished the Bike and today I took it out for its First Test Ride.

I wasn't Looking Forward to this.

As you all may know this project, while fun and very educational, was a huge PAIN IN THE... well you know. So as I took the first ride on the bike I was totally prepared for the bike to fall into pieces as soon as I got up to speed. Things went way better than I thought. I found a few loose bolts and I needed to adjust the brakes. I also learned something else.

My legs are nowhere as strong as I thought they were. I had to change from the big chain-ring to the smaller chain-ring. Effectively  switching from 9th gear to 3rd gear.

I also Picked up the tool kit you see below. I had two of the tools you see below in my hand (BB tool and Pedal Wrench) when I realized that for 10 bucks more I could get this whole kit.

So what I am saying is.

Happy Birthday to Me

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