Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Butch Chicks

Photo Credit: Me

You see some pretty strange things in the strip district on a Friday night. Some of them are more disturbing than others. The image above may have scarred me for life. What you see above is what I found when I got to the Bike-PGH offices.

All in all the ride was amazing and has me looking forward to all the others Rides.  I took the bus part of the way and rode my bike the rest of the way. After the ride I rode my bike to town and threw the bike on the bus and rode home.  Now I know that I can get to the ride, enjoy the ride and get home all in one piece, I am way more willing to go out to these rides.

You can check out the photos of the ride over at the flickr site of the rather talented photographer named Rob. I tried to get some photos with the Iphone but I am pretty much a blind epileptic with a crayon when it come to taking picture. So just check out Rob's Photos by CLICKING HERE

Photo Credit by Robjdlc

This was at the beginning of the ride and you see that we had quite a crowd. We had men (and women) in tuxes and dresses, we even had a DJ playing classic 80's Wedding reception Music. Perhaps the most interesting thing was the responses the group got as we rode down the strip and into town.

Got another ride on Friday. Looking forward to it.

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