Wednesday, September 22, 2010

World Car Free Day

Today is World Car Free Day and I would urge you all to take a little time today to just think about how you could use your car a little less today.

Think about what being a little less car dependent would mean to you.

Think about walking to the store instead of driving.

What kind of change would that mean?

Would you have to decide what is really important to buy?

Would you have a new outlook on your purchases?
(weight instead of price)
(need over want)

Would you consume less if you knew that taking the last slices of bread meant either a bike ride to the store at night or no toast with breakfast?

Would you understand that a car as a tool is a great and wonderful thing.
A Car as a master is cruel and that handicaps you and teaches you "I Can't"

Leave the car at home, take the extra time to think

Take the extra time to learn "I CAN"

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