Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ventura - Powertools

Photo Credit:Google Image Search "powertools"

Yeah I know that picture is sexist. It's worth it.  I pulled out the power tools over the last two days of work on the Ventura Frame. Used the satanic angle grinder to cut the stem and the crank so i could remove the forks and Bottom bracket. then proceeded to go to town with wire wheels and sand paper on the frame.

I even picked up some rust protecting primer that I intend to use as the first few coats to help protect the frame from rust and corrosion.  I  learned that no deed goes unpunished as the vibrations were simply to much for my glasses (RIP) as they actually crumbled into pieces. So no work on the bike tomorrow as I have an Appointment after work to get new glasses and get fitted for contacts.

Since I can barely see the monitor I am going to go now and feel my into the kitchen and try to make some food without catching myself aflame.

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