Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Photo Credit: ME

That is what the front tire of my bike looked like when I was run off the road in the early weeks of May. Its no big deal it has all been fixed, new tire, new tube and liner. A few weeks of antibacterial spray for the road rash and for the most part I'm Ok as well.

'For the most part'. Four very tricky words.

You see one of the longer lasting effects of my crash (aside from the ache in my shoulder and a kicking Tattoo) is that I have become sensitive to the context of being a cyclist. Perhaps "sensitized" is a better term.   Before the crash I never gave to much thought to other cyclist out there, I was in my own little world.

That has changed.

Right after the crash while I was telling my family what happened another person (someone I never knew) was struck and killed while riding his bike. Three months later I rode in the Don Parker Memorial Ride into town to ask the DA (insert name) why no charges had been filed against the driver who admitted that he was at fault.

Mike Manko lied to our faces.

This was the beginning of the end of my trust.

Time after time I have read, and seen as cyclists are forced off the road, hit, run down and killed. over and over I have heard the same thing. NO Charges, All summer long, the closest thing I have seen to charges has been a 500$ distracted driving charge.

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