Friday, September 24, 2010

A running Joke

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Well it seems I have found the problem in the ongoing saga of Bike Frame Painting. After several attempts, some more successful than others but all failures in the end I have learned an important lesson.

I have found the Weak Link.

"Hello Weak link" I say to myself.

I suffer from the pitiful combonation of exacting vision and total lack of patience.  I not only know just how I want the bike to look but I also know (in my mind) just how to achieve this. I am somewhat hampered by the small matter that I have the attention span of red bull addicted 4 year old and the patience to match.

Still as G.I Joe says "Knowing is half the Battle"  So once again I found myself brushing scraping and sanding, only to head back out to the dustbowl of a work area to put the first coat of Red paint on the frame. Yeah Yeah I know the bike is going to be orange but the red paint is also a rust proofing so it is going to make up the first coat.

Now I just need someone to come over and take the frame away from me for a few days so I cant play with it until I can put the next coat of paint on.  I have to admit I am starting to feel pressured since I have to get the paint on the bike before the weather gets to bad to work outside. My plan is to get the paint done and over the winter get the rest of the bike put together for its unveiling in spring.

Is it wrong for the weight of the paint to be greater than the weight of the steel in the bike?

That's pretty much normal right?

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