Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fork U - and other things

Photo Credit:Me

Well, Its been a busy week so far. I did manage to get the forks for the Ventura primed and one coat of orange on them. Looks like I will be stopping by the Autoparts Store tomorrow and picking up another can of paint (or two) since The orange is pretty much empty. I have several coats of Orange left to put on the forks and Truth be told I still haven't decided if I want to use Black as the Accent Color. Im going to throw the question up on the Bike-PGH Forums and see what the fine folks there have to say.

I did mention a Busy Week Right? I thought so.  Over the Past two days I have been spending my evenings sitting at intersections counting Bikes (and everything else) as they rode past as part of some Bike transportation census.

It has been an educational couple of days.

I have learned that,
Almost no girls ride bikes (yes I know this is false but My data says it)
Less than half of you wear a helmet! (however almost all the girls did)
More of you ride on the Sidewalk in Pittsburgh than the Street.

And we wonder why cars think we don't belong on the street?

Tommorrow I will be counting Bikes at the 9th st Bridge so after that I will post my numbers for the three bridges.

Finally this week I managed to strip the old nasty Fiber Tape off the handlebars of the Ventura. However I am struck with the rather awkward position on putting all the work into getting the crap off of them and then not being sure I want to put this style of Handlebars back on the Bike. I have several different sets of handlebars on hand (so to speak) and I did manage to get the stem un-stuck (all it took was every bit of my strength and almost every swear word I knew.) so I think I will try out several different styles before I decide on drops.

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