Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dr Albert Varacallo - Ghost Bike

Sunday Sept 19 - 2010

Ride of Silence in DuBois Pa and placing of a yet another Ghost Bike. Yet again it seems as if the default position of the police is that the cyclist is at fault and no charges or investigation is expected.

Things like this upset me more than I can say.

I am upset because a man was killed and the powers that be put so little value on his life.
(The person who killed Don Parker was fined 500$)

I am upset because what happened here is NOT the exception but the rule. The more I hear about these accidents the more I see the same story over and over.

I just noticed this on the Bike PGH forums as I was writing this.
MD Senate candidate is struck and killed by SUV (Read Forum Posting Here)

Here is an excerpt from the forum posting (Thanks Mick)
Interesting article

Some excerps:
"Police say initial reports had not found any reflective clothing or materials near the crime scene or on Pettigrew."


"9NEWS NOW found pieces of reflective plastic just a few feet from the accident scene as well as a reflective sneaker which Pettigrew's mother identified as the victim's."

Way to do your job, Police...

 I am upset by this not just because of them, but also because of US (Cyclists)
We want to work 'within the system'
We want to show a 'positive face'
We want to be 'respectful'

Personally I am getting tired of being 'Respectful' to people who don't respect me. I am tired of showing a 'Positive Face' in the face of verbal abuse, and dangerous actions. The past has shown us that we are not 'Within the system'.

What am I saying, Am I calling for ULock Justice?


Am I calling for groups of cyclist in black taking down the drivers who are a danger to us

NO (but it is a thought)

What I am saying is that until we as cyclists need to be more vocal and more visible. This may mean crossing the line from 'Memorial Ride' to 'Protest'. This may mean dropping the Positive Face and letting people know that we aren't going to just sit back and take it anymore.

If it means I don't have to write about another cyclist run down and then blamed for it, then I can live with that.

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