Monday, August 30, 2010

Ventura - Anyone?

Photo Credit: me

This is the Bike I picked up on saturday over at Free-Ride (see photos of Free-Ride) I picked up the bike for 42$ and it is a beautiful lugged frame that I can already see it in Orange and Black with the words Fatguy - OrangeBike.

Lets not forget going with all Orange Reflectors and Orange and Black Tires. Already I am running into some problems as I make a list of parts I will have to replace

Bottom Bracket

The Stem seems to have  melded itself with steering tube and will have to pick up some penetrating oil. The Bottom Bracket sounds like it has been filled with rocks and the frame itself looks like it has been painted with a roller.  My Goal is to free up and replace the stem, get replace the BB, cranks and pedals and pick up a set of new wheels (27x1 3/8) and turn this into a single speed commuter.

First things first,
Get stem off and BB off so I can strip and repaint frame. If I can get that done before October I will call it a Win


  1. Loving it! If you have any trouble finding parts and know what you need I may have a local shop to hit up here in the area. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Steel lug frames are super sweeeeet!

  2. Great score!!! Hit that stem with that PB Blaster a few times,let it soak in good, it should free it right up. Have fun!!! I'm looking foward to watching your build.