Monday, August 9, 2010

Riding In

Photo Credit: Me

This week I will be house-sitting / Dog-Sitting for a friend while he is enjoying himself on a well deserved vacation. While the dog I am watching is just a hair smaller than a large SUV (Airedale) and I love the dog, I am really happy to get to work today since it gives me a bit of break from having the giant dog sitting and staring at me with a ‘Who are you’ look.

So in preparation for my big experience next week (more on that later) I have decided to to ride the 8.5 miles from where I am staying into town on my bike. The ride was just about as perfect as I could have wished for.  I was surprised that at 7:00 am this morning I got the last open rack at the I am learning that the neighborhood I am staying at is a much more bike-friendly neighborhood than I am used to. At the very least, these people know how to drive when there is a bike around (unlike the people in Penn Hills who seemingly either freeze up or actually aim their car at me.)

Photo Credit: Me

On my ride, I passed a mural on 18th (for those who know 18th is a HILL, not a hill, not even a Hill, but a HILL!) and I had to stop and take a pic. Then it was back on the bike and down the hill, through the Southside and onto the Trail and into town. This kind of ride really makes my day, it reminds me of the fact that I can do these thing. I can accomplish more than I think I can. Moreover I can accomplish these things as a Fat Guy on Orange Bike. I am constantly wondering about this. If I can make it into town from Brentwood on my bike then why do you Mr half caf double pump whole milk foam Caramel Macchiato with a sprinkle of nutmeg feel like you have to drive your car the 3 and half blocks for your fix

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