Monday, August 2, 2010

Evil Project - Painting

Photo Credit: Dbacklover

Well I finally got some paint thrown down on the frame after weeks of grinding, sanding, bondo-ing and primering - sanding - primering. The first coat of semi-gloss black went on and the humidity of the day was making for quite the challenge. still the paint is on and tomorrow I will sand it and put a second coat of the semi-gloss before moving on to the gloss enamel.

All in all this has been a long and drawn out process that I alreay have a feeling I will be repeating in the near future with a road bike frame that is destined to be ridden (not used as art) I also have my next two art-bikes planned out and am just trying to figure how I will go about making them a reality.

If anyone has old frames they want to donate I am willing to take a couple off your hands as long as you understand that they will most likely be cut up and never ridden again.

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