Monday, August 2, 2010

Bad Biking Day

Photo Credit: Ballookey

Found this on Bike-PGH Forums.

Dear Driver of the Green Ford F150 License plate *******(removed),

Yes, I realize you're probably having a bad day, but I'd like you to consider for a moment that by running me down it would cause BOTH of us to have EXTREMELY bad days.

Yes, I know it must be frustrating to not be able to pass me on Highland Avenue between Alder and Center. I would really like to give you the room, but frankly, if I get doored, it's going to do more damage to me than the car door. Also, you may note the solid line that means it's not safe to pass in that area. That includes me, by the way.

And yes, I know it's annoying that I take the lane once it widens out. But get this - it's to protect me from people like you (well, okay, maybe not people like you, since you actually TRIED to hit me. I think most other people would only do it accidentally if I was too far right when I mean to go straight through that light).

I'd like to apologize for yelling at you, but seeing as you yelled at me first... (My "Hey!" doesn't count as it means "You are driving a 4,500lb truck, and I weigh 120lbs on a good day and if I've had a large lunch, so please do not squish me.")

You have a good point that I was going "slow" although I would argue that the 15 mph I was probably doing is not the same as the 5mph you alleged. Of course, I was at about 13 miles for the day, so I'm sorry that my downhill speed approaching a red light was inadequate to you.

I realize that screaming back "I am a legal vehicle" was probably not the most eloquent thing I could have said. Nor is it likely to cause you to reconsider your intent of apparently driving your vehicle into a person. Perhaps I should have quoted from the PA vehicle code: "Every person riding a pedalcycle [this would be referring to me, by the way] upon a roadway shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle."

Somehow though, I don't think that would have helped you realize that you tried to hit me.


Seriously? What is wrong with you?

My name is Quinn. I am the oldest of 5 children. My parents live in Florida and Toronto, and they would be pretty sad if I died. I work downtown for a local business, and I ride my bike to and from work when the weather is nice. I raised $600 for Multiple Sclerosis research this year, by riding my bike. I pay my bills, volunteer my time, and attend church regularly. I'm hosting a birthday party this weekend. There is a guy that I'm kinda fond of and hoping to catch his eye. And I could have died because you're having a bad day and tried to hit me with your truck.

Thankfully you didn't.


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