Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Reason

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I was hanging out on the Bike-PGH Forums when I saw this post "Bikes Belong on LA Streets" and after reading it I realize that Pittsburgh has yet another reason to be ashamed. Actually we have 1663 reasons to be ashamed. Since LA is planning on 1663 miles of bike lanes/bike friendly streets. Along with the Idea of Education and Enforcement.  Education and Enforcement are without a doubt two of the most important things you can do to make roads and trails safe for everyone.

It is just those things (Education and Enforcement) that are so seriously lacking here in Pittsburgh. Cyclist are regularly attacked, cut off, forced off the road. Don Parker was struck and killed in the middle of May, The driver was to busy freeing his flip flops to even notice that he had hit anyone, and still no charges have been filed (Really?!?) Couple the idea that drivers have no idea how to drive around cyclist or what rights the cyclist have with the knowledge that should they hit someone with their car there won't be any legal backlash and you only have one place


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