Monday, July 5, 2010

Tour De France

Photo Credit: Lorenzo Zaffaroni

I don't suppose anyone reading this (both of you) is surprised that I am a huge (no really look at the title of the blog) fan of the Le Tour De France or as it sometimes called simply 'the tour'. (and yes if you say it the right way people will hear the air quotes)

I am not going to get all geeky here and talk about Lance and his 'brewing' battle with Contador or how it seems like yesterday was all talk about sprints and Cavendish but no mention of his fine for causing a crash in a sprint in the tour de suisse

OK I'm fine really

I love watching 'The Tour' and last year I would come to work and throw the coverage up on my computer and keep it in the background so I could at least listen along and flip over if something sounded exciting. I can't do that this year since 'VS' the channel in the states that carries 'The Tour' has decided to charge an extra 30$ to watch it online. Considering that this year I watched the Giro online in italian, and trying to figure out when they sounded excited was a game in frustration.

So I did the only thing I could think of. I unsubscribed to the biking blogs, unfriended my biking friends on twitter and will have to wait to watch the replays when I get home.

Drastic, yes, Useful, well see. So if you wondered what happened to me and why I stopped following you, well see you in about 20 days

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