Friday, July 30, 2010

Making a Difference

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It doesn’t happen all that often, I guess this is what makes it such a special occurrence. Today I was talking to one of the guys I work with and he mentioned that he needed to go to the post office at lunch. I let him know that the post office had moved and he should make sure he knows where it was. At lunch he let me know that he was going to make the trip sans car.

It's a good feeling.

the Post Office isn’t all that far from our office (perhaps a mile) and it is one of those trips that can easily be made either on a bike or on foot without much trouble. We had been talking about the idea of being Car-free and the idea that there is a sliding scale between Bike-Free and Car-Free and each day you make choices that moves you along the scale one way or another. He talked about how he could never be ‘Car-Free’. My answer was that most people could never be ‘Car-Free’ and that the idea was to end up less dependent on an automobile.

The Idea, My Idea is not to be ‘Car-Free’ but to make choices that allows you to be ‘Less Dependent’ on your Automobile.

I wanted to repeat that not just for you but also for myself. To often we take the view of ‘All or Nothing’ and I think we do a huge disservice to ourselves and those around us.  By taking that ‘All or Nothing’ view we end up alienating those we could be reaching. By accepting the fact that not everyone could be ‘Car-Free’  and even accepting the fact that not many people WANT to be ‘Car-Free’  I can then help people to move out and accept the idea of stepping out of the thought process that says. ‘Everywhere I go has to be by car.’ and once people believe that they can do things without using a car I believe that they will do things without relying on a car.

That one thing is my fondest wish. I am tired of people believing that they can’t [fill in the blank].

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