Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lonely Bike

Photo Credit: BO47

I'm pretty sure that is how my bike feels right now, and I can't really blame it for feeling that way or trying to do its best to dump my fat butt on the shoulder of the road next time I ride it. I haven't gotten to ride me bike in far to long.

Oh I could make excuses

I 've been away, I'm still healing from my last wreck... I could go on.

But they would be excuses and nothing more. I don't really have an excuse for not riding my bike more, other than I seem to be allowing my old lazy self to get back to the forefront. It is a fairly common occurrence for me, after all why do you think I'm still a Fat Guy on an Orange Bike. I am even smart enough to know what causes it. I start riding, start feeling good, start getting excited about life and then BAM something happens to shake my faith, to take the joy away, and instead of riding through it to the joy on the other side I just give up.

I really have to stop doing that.

I know in my heart that if I force myself to go out riding that all those things that are clinging to me, dragging me down will fall by wayside. As the miles click by on the computer I know that my worries and fears will begin to loosen their grip and eventually be left on the side of the road. On my bike I can outrun the voices that tell me I'm to fat, I'm useless, I'm damaged goods. I can't hear those voices with the wind in my ears.

I can't get the text message reminding of how I failed in the past
I can't open the bill I can't pay
I can't sit alone my room

Damn but I need to get out riding

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