Friday, July 23, 2010

Bondo - Evil Project

Photo Credit: Google Image Search

Well well well, last night I continued my work on the evil art project. I noticed after priming and sanding the frame a few hundred times that I had some deep marks left by the Angle Grinder of Death (AGD) that the filler primer I was using just couldn't handle. So really there was only one thing I could think of - Bondo

Let me first say that this whole project has been an adventure. Each aspect of this project has been an education, since I am constantly being faced with problems whose solutions I know intellectually but not in practice.

Bondo is just that.

I know in theory what to do and how to do but last night as I attempted it I had no idea how to really do what I was trying to do. I learn fast. After many a mistake and having to start over twice I got the effect I was looking for.

Deep scratches and cuts from AGD - Gone
Dents from dropping the frame - Gone
Pinholes from cutting off braze ons - Filled
Brain cells - Dead

Yeah if you wonder about that last one let me just say that the fumes that this puts off are formidable and thankfully I was outside at the time, otherwise I'm pretty sure I would still be there staring at all the pretty colors. Even with being outside there were a few moments where I had to remind myself that I really can't fly and no the grass under the balcony did not look soft and fluffy

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